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Regardless of our religion, race, color and beliefs let’s not forget the people of Palestine. Let’s include them in our prayers. This is about humanity, this about us being human who have a heart that cares, mind that thinks and soul that cries for every single innocent children being killed without mercy, for every woman being raped, for every elderly being killed helplessly, for the boys being tortured to death, for the parents who lost their little angels, for the sons and daughters who witnessed how their parents die. And for every single person in Palestine affected by the Israelites attack who lost everything, their families and homes.

A minute of prayer will not cause you any harm. So, i’m begging you, please do offer a prayer for the people of Palestine. That’s the only thing we can do as for now. Prayer is the best above all.

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I’m asking for prayers for little brother Matthew who is 24 and 48 hours ago tried to kill himself and now he’s unconscious so I’m asking for some love and prayer for my family and my brother I really…

Sorry to hear about your brother, will pray for him.

Prayers for your brother and your family in the time of need. All shall be well

May God hear our prayers for your brother.

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Kenyan artist Michael Soi upsets Chinese delegation with his art work.

Known for his highly critical socio-political art work, Kenyan artist Michael Soi has “finally drawn the wrath of the Chinese” for his various pieces depicting a less than desirable relationship between Africans - both citizens and politicians alike, and Chinese delegates and businesspeople.

According to Soi, “Four gentlemen and a lady from China walked into my studio and one of them went off about how ungrateful I was to all China is doing for Kenya…These people could not wrap their heads around the fact that I am not grateful for all the ‘good things’ China is doing to Kenya. I told them that I am an artist and therefore I cannot engage them in a political discussion.”

About the relationship with China and African leaders, Soi went on to say: “The IMF and World Bank attach a lot of conditionalities before they give out their aid,” he says. “But the Chinese are giving their money without any conditions. This is one way of abetting impunity among our leaders; that no matter how many people are killed or imprisoned China will still pour in money, money that most likely ends up in people’s pockets and which will be paid by our children in years to come.”

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Oh my god this is amazing and brilliant!


I agree with the sentiments herein.

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Today is Tony Tuesday & it is Tony’s BIRTHDAY!!!! In honor of my favorite man, I made this video to what I believe is Tony’s theme song in my head.

Supposedly this man is turning 54 to day but clearly somebody is lying.



In any case, today is his birthday & there will be no turn down! Turn down for what?!


HAPPY 54th BIRTHDAY to Anthony Howard Goldwyn aka Tony Goldwyn!


Yasssssssssss girl Yasssssssss

Send him the link. I know he’d enjoy the video.

Looooooove it !!! Amazing.

Woot Woot!!!!!

It is lovely, I do hope he has a Lovely birthday too !

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Haven’t blogged or re-blogged in a while, just had to do this one…

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But I am NOT re-blogging that either.

Nice Try hulu.


I shouldn’t have replied to the link, I also thought it was an April fool’s joke…not tasteful….!

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Well…don’t look at the joke hulu just put on their Tumblr page. 

I thinks it might be an April fool’s joke????

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A message from The Kings.

I read this letter last night. I don’t watch TGW, but I constantly hear about how well written and acted it is, and that it’s the best drama on network tv. Reading this letter and the various postmortems about last nights ep shows me how much careful thought and PLANNING went into making the decision to kill Will and that, because the show is ultimately about Alicia, how it will affect her life. Just wholly different from the clear lack of planning and OMG IT’S A SHOCKER AND GAMECHANGER attitude we get with Scandal.


Yes. Compare and contrast.





and I agree with what Nikki said. 

After watching last nights episode, I was so saddened. Then after reading this letter from the Kings, I was settled and appreciated it so much and accepted what happened. I have always like TGW and it is a show with great content. The fact that they came out to explain what had gone on behind the scenes and also stated that they would deal with the issue that has now come up, is going to be interesting to watch. I’m excited to see what will be next. All I can say is that the letter made it possible for me to continue enjoying the show, it shows that they have deeply thought out the plot of this show, and share in the fan’s emotional attachment to it, unlike another show which I will not mention at the moment….scandal….RIP Will.

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